Kiss Chance

Terms of Service

  • Kiss Chance allows users to publish multimedia data for others to view. It also allows users to communicate with each other. You must be an adult to participate
  • By posting a picture or video to our service, you give us permission to use that material on this website. You also confirm that you are displayed on the picture and own all rights to it.
  • Posting/messaging/distributing any illegal information or material is forbidden and will be prosecuted to the laws fullest extent.
  • Please report all copyright violations to us immediately.
  • You may not use this service to promote any commercial website.
  • URLs or other internet adresses are not allowed in pictures or descriptions!
  • Your picture must not include poses or actions that the majority of users would find offensive, such as display of urine or excrements, extreme bondage scenes or other rather unusual sexual activities.
  • Users posting pictures of anyone, but themselves or their current partner (with his/her permission!) will lose their account for this site without refund.
  • Your email address must be kept up to date at all times and must have acceptable response times. If we need to contact you on an important matter and your email bounces or we do not recieve a reply within 72 hours, your account will be deleted without refund. (An exception to this rule would be real life matters, like vacation or sickness, preventing you from checking your email.)
  • You may not pretend to be affiliated with this sites staff unless you are an appointed administrator.
  • All pictures on this site are property of the appropriate users. While we try to avoid displaying potentially offensive or copyrighted material, our influence on these pictures is limited and we cannot take any responsibility for that content.

Privacy Statement

  • None of your data whatsoever will ever be disclosed to third parties outside the functionalities of this site.
  • We reserve the right to send you information about changes or updates to this site. If you selected to be notified on new messages in your profile, you will also receive an e-mail for every message you receive in your inbox on this site.
  • To further protect your privacy we do not ask you for any personal information (real name, address, telephone). Please understand that through letting anonymous users post their own content on this website we have a responsibility for that content and require one valid contact information, which is your email address.
  • Our billing partners will require more information. Their data is completely seperate from ours, so the information you supply there can not be referenced to any information you volunteer on this site. Please see their privacy statements for further details.



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