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Outdoor Sex

This is our database for interesting outdoor sex locations.

This includes places where adults and swingers meet for sex, secluded places for couples, or anything else of interest to swingers and outgoing adults. It just needs to be outdoor. If you are new to outdoor sex, you should check our guide!

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To add a location to the outdoor sex database, please create a placemark in Google Earth with a good name and description of the location, save it to your harddrive (right click), and upload it here. Make sure you are saving your placemark as KML *NOT* as KMZ file. Once you submitted your outdoor entry you need to refresh the network link in Google Earth (Outdoor Sex) or wait for the automatic refresh after four hours to see your submission.

Please chose a descriptive Title for your Placemark and fill the description with all information about that outdoor sex location you have or can find.

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