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We call ourselves an adult dating and swinger site. But what does that mean?

Neither are we the school of higher erotica, nor speed dating central. On Kiss Chance anything goes: No pressure, no limits. We want to provide a laid back environment for everyone to enjoy and for everyone to be her-/himself.

Sex has become a tradable commodity not only on the internet these days, with girls being bought and guys expected to pay for sex. There isn't much room left for imagination - just money and bad taste. We want to resist this trend. We are naughty with style. Don't try to look like Madonna, because you don't. Just be yourself, because that is truly sexy!

Here comes together what belongs together, for a night or for two lives, with 18 or with 80. Noone will sell sex here, but you won't get an orgasm guarantee either.

If this is the kind of place you have been looking for, welcome aboard!

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